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How can telehealth help during the COVID-19 outbreak?

While it’s likely many people will become infected with the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, most will not get seriously ill.

Those at greatest risk are over 60 and the number one job for the rest of us is to avoid becoming a carrier and distributor of the virus. By using virtual care and deferring elective procedures we free up medical staff and equipment necessary to protect health care providers. Additionally, by not congregating in small spaces like waiting rooms, we thwart the ability of the virus to hop from one person to another.

Keeping people apart is called “social distancing.” Keeping healthcare providers apart from patients and other providers is “medical distancing.” Telehealth is one strategy to help us accomplish this, and ORTELE HEALTH, the premier telemedicine orgranization in Michigan, has the experience and expertise.

Allow ORTELE HEALTH to assist you in managing your virtual health care journey. We welcome the opportunity to serve you, while keeping you safe and connected during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Please contact us to schedule your virtual COVID-19 screening!