Ortele Health provides all patients with a convenient, secure and clinically informative encounter with one of our TeleDermatology specialists. Whether you are seeking expert advice on a skin rash, spot or management of a chronic skin condition like acne, our TeleDermatology team can help. Eliminate long wait times in emergency rooms or dermatologist office and see an Ortele Health specialist from anywhere. By using images taken with your cell phone, we can diagnose the problem and provide a therapeutic remedy. Coordination of additional testing, such as biopsy, is available and our team of TeleDerm experts are standing by to help.


New Patient TeleDermatology Exam Starting at 99.99
Established Patient TeleDermatology Exam Starting at 74.99
TeleDermatology Image Review Starting at 49.99

Please call for an appointment at 248-973-3660