Michigan's Leading Telemedicine Experts


Finding a medical specialist in your area can be challenging. 

ORTELE HEALTH offers in person care at digital clinic locations throughout Michigan, but also services patients virtually in the comfort of their own home. 

Referred to “Direct to Consumer or DTC”, virtual care visits are hosted on a secure video platform that patients are able to access from their approved personal devices.  

Appointment details will be shared through your patient portal account.  Please make sure to use a valid email address that the patient has direct access to.

Please contact our office at 248-973-3660 or by email at info@ortele.com with any questions or concerns.  Established patients are encouraged to use the built in Patient Portal messaging system for all non-urgent clinical requests.


People can order the COVID-19 test, after first answering questions about their basic health, symptoms and risk factors for the coronavirus disease. A doctor still needs to prescribe the test, so telemedicine doctors from ORTELE, a Michigan based network of physicians who prescribe diagnostic tests, then reviews these answers to determine if a person qualifies for testing, based on criteria established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Currently, because COVID-19 tests are not plentiful in the U.S., doctors are trying to rule out other respiratory diseases like flu first, and only ordering tests for people with symptoms who also have other risk factors for infection, such as being in close contact with others who have been diagnosed. 

Given the slow roll out of testing for COVID-19 in the U.S., and concerns about spreading the disease, at-home testing could help to diagnose more cases. After initially limiting testing to one provided by the Centers for Disease Control and conducted at state and local public health labs, the Food and Drug Administration allowed certified labs, including commercial lab testing companies, to develop and distribute COVID-19 tests on Feb. 29.