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What is telemedicine?
Telemedicine is the virtual connection of a patient and a medical service provider via real time, two-way video conferencing to provide medical services.
Is my medical information safe?
All patient medical information is housed in a safe, HIPAA compliant electronic health record. The confidential nature of the Patient Portal allows patients to log their personal health record easily while maintaining the highest security standards.
How do I schedule my consultation?
To schedule your video consultation, simply visit the Schedule Care page, Select your Specialty, and log into the Patient Portal to book your appointment. New patients may complete our online registration form and will receive an email invite to set up and log into the Patient Portal.

New patients must complete New Patient Forms before receiving an appointment confirmation. Appointment details are shared to the patient portal.

If you are having trouble with the online registration form or patient portal, please contact the office via email at schedule@ortele.com.

Please contact the office by phone at 248-973-3660 for immediate assistance.

How do I connect for my consultation?
How do I connect for my consultation?
You can connect to your consultation using any computer, tablet or smartphone with internet access, and equipped with a microphone and camera. You can test your device prior to your scheduled visit by visiting the System Check Link or view a list of our SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS/SPECS



What is my Patient Portal?
After scheduling your appointment, you will receive an email invitation to set up and log into your Patient Portal to view upcoming appointments, message the office, and make payments. Within your patient portal, you will find a medical history and intake form with consent for treatment. This information is to be filled out prior to connecting for your video consult.
Can I use my insurance for my visit?
We do accept most insurance plans, but still require a credit card hold for all scheduled services. Ortele Health can assist if you are interested in seeking reimbursement from your insurance carrier.
What if I can’t connect with my provider during my scheduled appointment time?
We do require 24 hour notice for appointment cancellations. To avoid charges to your credit card, please complete your appointment cancellation within your patient portal, or by calling an Ortele Health Scheduling Specialist.
What if I experience technical difficulties and/or interrupted service during my consultation?
If your connection is interrupted during your consultation, please call into the treatment room with the designated phone number and meeting ID from your appointment confirmation.
What if my provider orders prescriptions, lab work, or additional testing as part of my treatment plan?
All of the provider orders will be coordinated within your patient portal. Please make sure your demographic, insurance, and pharmacy information are all updated to ensure proper processing.
Do I have to be in a clinic or physician’s office to receive virtual care?
No, we offer in-clinic and homebound services to meet the needs of all patients. Homebound services are limited and may be referred to a local community clinic for on-site reporting for your virtual consultation.